Help us raise final semester tuition

Last week I started a fundraising campaign for a student I met recently. Luyiga Sylivia is a 21 year old student at St Lawrence Villa Maria nursing school in Kalungi district which is located in Uganda. She is doing a certificate in nursing and is in her final semester.

She was looking for someone to pay for her Uganda shillings 2,060,000. A break down of this amount includes ug shs. 460,000 which is the balance form her previous semester which wasn’t completed. The ug shs. 1,600,000 is the tuition for her final semester.

I had to ask her every detail of her life and how she got to be in that situation. she told me the following. she is the second born from the family of 7. Her mother and father are still alive and the mother who is a peasant farmer is currently the primary care giver of their house hold. She doesn’t know the whereabouts of her father. As a family, they stay at Bugya in Masaka district in Uganda.

This is a photo of Sylivia

Sister Francis from the grail congregation had got for her a sponsor who was paying for her tuition from year one up to second year second semester where she remained with a balance of ug shs. 460,000. Her sponsor got challenges in her business at the beginning of this year and could no longer support her till the end of her course.

I was touched by her story because I know how life is hard in Uganda if you don’t have an education especially the girl child. Therefore I started a campaign for her to raise her tuition from my contacts and out of the ug shs. 2,060,000, we have been able to raise ug shs. 700,000, we are remaining with just a balance of ug shs. 1, 360,000

I would like to first of all thank every one who has given towards this cause. My friends, family members, work mates, ogs, obs and church mates, thank you so much for your generosity. I will keep updating you on this campaign until Sylivia is back to school.

I am humbly request for more support to be able to clear even the remaining balance because her final semester opened yesterday on 25th July 2022 and she hasn’t yet reported to school.

Your contribution will help Sylivia finish her course, support her family and become a contributing citizen in her nation. You send any support on any of my numbers; +256 783984811 /+256 754825922 and I will declare it to Sylivia’s family, then we make payments at school and after share the proof of payment.

Thank you for your generosity and kind heart.

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One thought on “Help us raise final semester tuition”

  1. Thank you so much for wishing that young lady well.
    Actually the best way I think is there to help a girl child is to seek for their empowerment through largely education.

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